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Painful Sex: Causes & Cures

Sex should never be painful. Like any other issue with the human body, pain is an indicator that something is not as it should be. In these instances, it is generally a good idea to seek medical attention to avoid the problem becoming more serious. When it comes to sexual matters, pain can definitely be an indicator that there is something wrong.

For both males and females, painful intercourse can be indicative of a sexually transmitted disease, especially if other symptoms are present as well, such as discharge or any type of rash or breakout. This type of situation calls for immediate medical attention of course, as well as abstaining from further sexual activity until the problem is dealt with.

For women, painful intercourse can be caused by issues such as vaginal dryness. This can be resolved simply enough with lubricants and can be discussed with a doctor for further suggestions for treatment. Another cause can be the size of the man’s penis. If it is too large then painful sex can certainly result. This can be resolved – in some cases – by taking more time for foreplay, making sure the female is fully aroused so as to make intercourse more enjoyable and eliminate the pain.

Stress is a little-known factor which can result in painful sex for a woman. If the mind is distracted during sex, even unconsciously, the body will not respond normally to arousal and can result in painful sex. If this could be the culprit, take a little extra time to relax and take the focus off of “everyday life” prior to engaging in sex. Set the mood and let your mind wander away for a bit. This will be beneficial both mentally and physically.

Women may also experience painful sex during menopause. This is because the walls of the vagina are becoming dryer and thinner as a result of falling estrogen levels. It can range from simple discomfort, to feeling dry, to outright painful intercourse.

Both men and women can experience painful sex from conditions such as urinary tract infections. These types of infections can easily be passed from one partner to the other, repeatedly, until medical attention is sought. Once the condition is cleared up, the pain will go away.

No type of pain in the body during sex is “normal”. If sex hurts there is a reason, and that reason needs to be discovered and addressed right away.

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