I could not have sex without music – Aldgate escorts

We all have our quirks, and I am just one of those girls who can’t have sex without music. I think it is the perfect combination. Music can really help you to relax in any kind of situation. I don’t have to be in the mood for sex to listen to music.  Music is often playing in the background when I am on a Aldgate escorts date, and I can literally see my gents relax.


Music is something that most people like, but you also get some people that really hate music. To me, it seems hard to believe that some folk complain about music being played in restaurants. I don’t mind that at all, and I think it is part of the atmosphere. It only struck me yesterday when I went on a business date for Aldgate escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/aldgate-escorts that an Indian meal does not taste the same unless there is music in the background. One of the gents attending does not like music when he eats, and asked the restaurant owner to switch it off. It was not the same.


Could you imagine eating a Chinese meal without the Chinese music? I could not imagine that at all. It puts you in the mood, and when you leave, it is like you take a little bit of China with you. I find that I feel kind of chilled out after having listened to Chinese music, and I may behave a little bit differently towards me Aldgate escorts date for the evening. A bit more gentle for some reason and I often put some Chinese music on after I have enjoyed a Chinese meal.


It is funny how different style of music makes you feel different. Arab music makes me want to swing my hips and become this seductive lady who just loves to be sensual. I am sure that music affects our brain waves somehow, and if it was not for music, I don’t think that we would have such great sex lives. Not that I play any instrument or anything like that, but I do like the sounds. I keep a huge range of music at Aldgate escorts as I know that the majority of dates like to relax to a little bit of music.


My love of my music started a long time ago, and when I was worked as a pole dancer in Soho, I used all sorts of different music styles to dance to. Not only did I pole dance. I was really good at picking up the beat to the music, and used to perform all sorts of different dance styles for my gents. When I eventually left and started to work for Aldgate escorts, I found that I missed it a lot. Now I sneak back every so often and put on a show. My old boss does not mind at all and I actually like to see my old followers at the the club in Soho.




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