My life in one word as an Ealing Escorts “Satisfied.”


We all do experience hardships in life, and that is normal. Its human nature, and we have to make sure that in every pain, we look at it as a challenge to change our lives. Every time we went through something, we should not be discouraged but encourage ourselves to make better. We should not lose hope, but despite it, we still choose to look for a brighter tomorrow. It is not easy to deal with life you tend to face many difficulties but never surrender, even if you are in too much pain. You are not the only one experiencing it, even successful people do, and the pressure for them is double. You cannot just think that wealthy people have a comfortable life maybe they are too good in the outside, keeping themselves look happy but deep inside they also faced different struggles. People become successful because they choose it, they want it, and they work hard for it. Life may not seem so perfect, but it will always lead you to success when you fight over your problems. Do you know that most successful people had gone through a lot before they became who they are now? They went through sadness, depression, etc. but no matter how they struggle they never let it swallow them instead make sure that they will overcome it.


I never thought to have a life like this, living comfortably and has a stable work. A far different from my life before which is, chaos and poor. Being poor is difficult, you never knew what problem first to solve since I got a mound of difficulties. Life for me was never easy, I even not go to school because of it. We are so poor that sometimes we cannot eat three meals a day, we have many debts, and people always look at us trash. When you are poor no one recognize you, even your relatives reject you. Hard is, no matter what we do our lives becomes more difficult each day, it is like you want to end your life because of it. And because of my eagerness and determination to get out of this life, I applied as a worker to my aunt at Ealing, a part of London England. But I never stayed for so long since she has an attitude and maltreated me so much to the point she hurt me emotionally and physically.


I earned a little money which I used to look for a job. I got an opportunity to become an Ealing Escorts from, it helped me solve my problems and uplift our living. I am more than satisfied with my life now, and thanks to my experiences that taught me a lot of learnings.

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